Hardware as a service

Small Investment Pepas Cloud

Small initial investment in new equipment


By renting equipment, you will avoid capital block, you will have fixed costs throughout the contract and the rent is tax deductible.

Solutions for you Pepas Cloud

Get rid of infrastructure worries


You always have assistance for hardware and software and in case of more serious problems, the equipment can be quickly replaced.

Latest Technology Pepas Cloud

You always have the latest technology


Depending on the contractual period, you will have new equipment every 1, 2, 3 or 5 years keeping up with the latest technology.

Setup fast delivery Pepas Cloud

Fast delivery, installation and upgrade


Once the contract is concluded, the equipment will be delivered and installed quickly! It’s just as easy to upgrade. Be ready for digital transformation!

Rent Laptop systems

Provide mobility for your employees and collaborators and help them have an office wherever they have internet access. Provide them with brand new or refurbished devices to improve productivity and improve the quality of the infrastructure they work with. We have a wide range of products and brands available.

Rent complete Desktop systems

In case you need desktop equipment, we offer complete systems, both new and refurbished, in order to be able to carry out your activity according to your business needs and with the speed necessary for your business. We have a wide range of products and brands available.

Rent mobile devices

Are your employees, partners or collaborators always on the field? Do you travel very often? Give them brand new mobile devices: tablets or phones to work from anywhere. We have a wide range of products and brands available.

Rent data and network security equipment

Problems with network security? Problems with data security? Did you have cyber attacks and your data was encrypted?

Contact us and we will provide a wide range of protection and backup devices so that you can be worry-free at all times.

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