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This is our vision and that is what we want to implement for any of our customers.

Who we are


Pepas Cloud is an IT company that provides the following services: consultancy, selling of Microsoft products and services, migrates data, implements, creates cloud architecture, and provides training. We’re working with Microsoft services and products, this means that we can provide you any product that Microsoft has. Pepas Cloud is Microsoft Silver Partner since 2018 and you can call us for help with your IT infrastructure.

Thanks to Cloud technology, we can offer products, solutions and services at affordable prices for any business. Implementation, migration and training costs depend from company to company and the complexity of the project. What we can guarantee, is that at the end of a project, you will know how to use what you have bought and implemented, so your company to be more efficient, more competitive and always know how much it costs IT infrastructure.

From a technical point of view, a project can be ready in a few days or if is more complex can take from a few weeks to a few years. In most cases the technical part does not exceed 1 month. Instead, it stretches over a longer period of time to assimilate information and start using services at maximum capacity. All this depends on the human factor and how quickly the information is assimilated.

What we do

business intelligence
Every time we start a project, it has few steps until it finishes:
  • Vision and planning
  • Evaluation and remediation
  • Pilot stage
  • Migration and Training
  • Optimization and Administration
Each project is different and some stages can overlap, it all depends on the complexity of the project and the size of a company. The project will always be done in such a way that it does not interrupt the activity of a company or if interrupts it, the impact is minimal.
Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computer resources as a service.
Cloud is a distributed set of data storage, access to information, computing services and applications where the user does not need to know the location and physical configuration of the systems that provide these services.
It is a three-level architectural model or an assembly that includes SaaS (software as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), and IaaS delivery (infrastructure as a service) that can be obtained from cloud providers.
Cloud services also include the delivery of other types of IT assets as services: storage, compute, networking, databases, security, backend and continuously something new will be released.

The adoption of cloud computing by organizations has increased exponentially in recent years due to the cost and efficiency benefits of this technology as a service, very attractive for organizations with limited IT staff and / or limited IT budgets. Independent software vendors (ISVs) can also benefit substantially from the cloud benefits of providing software applications as a service that offers many cost and cost-saving administrative advantages over the traditional software delivery model.


  • Synchronize user data using multiple devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone, desktop) linked to the cloud;
  • Cloud files and documents can be easily processed with applications;
  • Speed of computing and storage capacity are increased without requiring investment;
  • Data is stored in a secure place, monitored 24/7
  • Data center has local and geographic redundancy and backup
  • No more bills for electricity, backup, hardware and software upgrades, hardware maintenance, cooling, etc.
  • Access data from anywhere you have an Internet connection

Where we offer our services

There are not so many disadvantages but the most important is that you will need always an internet connection. Choosing your cloud service provider is also extremely important.
Also, any cloud-facing company must ensure that it properly evaluates the scalability, availability and flexibility of the cloud solutions it intends to adopt, and needs to investigate the reliability of its cloud provider that it intends to hire.
At Pepas Cloud you benefit from the security of Microsoft servers, well-trained professionals, ready to help with existing or future needs and ready to answer any questions.

As with a local network, any business that goes into cloud computing needs to have an assessment to ensure that the solution is suited to their business needs. With the help of Pepas Cloud experts, you will quickly realize which is the right solution suited to your business needs.

The Microsoft Silver Partner license entitles us to sell anywhere in the world. We currently have clients only in the U.E. but we are making fast steps to deliver services and products globally.

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