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Our mission

It is to help any business, regardless of its field of activity and its size, to be up to date with current technology and through it to be able to streamline its activity and support long-term development.

How we do it:

Business Intelligence

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Low code app

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Office 365 Training

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Office & Microsoft 365

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Iaas – Microsoft Azure

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Process automation

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Our values and the commitment to our customers

We respond quickly to customer requests

We respond promptly to our customers’ requests in order to provide them the speed of today and help them to take advantage of the digital transformation

We pay attention to details

In this way we make sure that our partners take advantage of any benefit that technology can bring to their business.

We speak your language

Even if we are technical people, we help you to understand simply, correctly and completely the whole process and all the procedures.

Work smart, not hard!

Look around you, now technology supports the business and will soon become the business.
To be part of the digital transformation, you have to turn your ideas into values ​​and reduce your time to market.
Do your business unhindered while upgrading your infrastructure. Create efficiency while you innovate.
Know all the changes on the market and react fast enough to optimize investments. And most importantly, continue to be aware of the opportunity technology offers to you as well as to the competition. React first!
You need a partner who understands this and helps you grow your business, working efficiently, while innovating for the future.
Our team can guide you towards digital transformation, we will show you how to redistribute your budget so you can invest in innovation to streamline your business.
Do you think technology is costly? Try to lead the business without it and you will see how much it costs you!
We are the partner to help you manage and transform your business.
We are both locally and globally available, fast developing and devoted to intelligent solutions.
That’s why we are the partner who can help you define, design, implement, manage, transform and lead the business by working smart, not hard!
Pepas Cloud Embrace the modern workplace
Embrace the digital

Because we live in the age of speed, we are aware that the success of our customers is based on the speed with which their IT infrastructure adapts to the business needs.

Modern Workplace 2020 Pepas Cloud
Teamwork and modern office

Work as team anywhere and better than ever! Transform any place with Internet access into your office. Take advantage of any benefit that technology can bring to your business.

Work from any device in cloud Pepas Cloud
Use any device

Work on any Windows, IOS or Android device in real time, together with your team so you do not waste time and money.

Work from anywhere!